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FUNdamentalz - Jumps & Bumps (Age 6+) SATURDAY+Bib Deposit ($570.00)
FUNdamentalz - Jumps & Bumps (Age 6+) SATURDAY Half Day + Bib Deposit ($405.00)
FUNdamentalz - Jumps & Bumps (Age 6+) SUNDAY + Bib Deposit ($570.00)
FREESTYLERZ (Ages 8-12) ($785.00)
FREESTYLERZ TEAM (Ages 8-12) ($1,500.00)
Add TEAM PLUS ($400.00)
PERFORMANCE TEAM (Age 12+) ($1,600.00)
Add TEAM PLUS ($400.00)
FREERIDERZ TEAM (Age 12+) ($750.00)

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I understand that a Freestyle Canada membership license is mandatory before any athlete is eligible for trampoline, dryland, water ramp or on-snow training.
It is the athlete or the legal guardians responsibility to make sure the athlete's membership is in good standing with Freestyle Canada before participating in any sanctioned freestyle on-snow.
I understand that Freestyle Apex depends on volunteers to operate successfully and that our family will be contacted when the club is in need of help, unless we have paid the $100 Volunteer Subsidy.