Apex Freestyle Club Water Ramp

Open from mid-May to mid-October


The overarching goal of Water Ramp and Trampoline training for Freestyle skiers is to build a strong foundation of ski specific acrobatic skills in the safest possible way. 
 A common perspective is that inverted skills can wait until skiers get older and stronger, but In fact, it is a huge advantage, both for performance and, most importantly, for SAFETY, to get an early start on acrobatic training.
 Skiers that have had 2 or more years in Fundamentalz (or other ski programs) are ideal candidates for summer water ramp and trampoline training to start building this foundation. 
 Summer camps will have a specific emphasis placed on learning 360, front tuck and back tuck.
These are the foundation skills from which ALL tricks are derived in all forms of acrobatic skiing.
Skiers reaching competency with these core skills can progress to more advanced tricks based on their individual goals.
Don’t let this seem daunting. With a good plan and adequate time, ANY skier can learn these skills.


Address:  Covert Farms  – 300 Covert Pl, Oliver, BC V0H 1T5, Canada

Contact admin@freestyleapex.com for further information or for GROUP BOOKINGS