Canadian Selections Dec 12-15, 2019

Event Chair: Tanya Callon

  • Choppers are required throughout the day, but only at certain times. The first "Chop" which involves softening the landing area of the mogul course with shovels, begins early (8:00am), there may be need to chop a few times during the day at certain times, and then at the end of the competition day. Each Chop takes about 15-20 minutes.
  • Starter is in place at the top of the course with a radio. This person reads off the bib number of the competitor provides judges and competitor start count downs on radio. Start Asist works with starter to get competitors in order prior to their star
  • Knoll Master watches the landings during training and closes the jump if someone falls on the landing. During competition knoll masters work to clear snow from the in-run to each jump and keep the jump knoll groomed. In flat light they will put pine boughs on the landing so the competitors can see in flat light
  • Course Attendant "the jack of all trades" often the position that ends up running items to various stations on the course. They have a radio that they use to communicate to the chief of course and often run from race office to course with various requests. This position requires the person to be of a "moderate skiing ability" because they ski from the top to bottom (beside the course) throughout the day. This person will do everything from setting up fencing to chopping the landings to restocking pine bough supplies.
  • Timing and Timing Assist operate the electronic timing system that monitors competitors during their runs. We have manual back-up timers that are required in case the electronic timing fails for that run. Timers sit with judges in the mogul hut and provide the head judge times when they are recorded.
  • Coffee and Lunch runners pretty much sums it up.. they run coffee and lunches up the t-bar to the course workers. Should be of moderate skiing ability because they are carrying bags up the t bar
  • Announcer sits in a warm mogul building and watches the competition! they comment to the crowd on who's on course and competition updates. This position usually requires a bi of adlib and animation. It's helpful if the person is familiar with Moguls and even better when they team up with another announcer.