Freestyle APEX Medley Jam

March 7 - 8, 2020

This new competition format is for athletes in the Learn to Train phase of the LTAD. The Learn to Train phase is characterized by an accelerated development of coordination and fine motor skills as well as an enjoyment in practicing skills they learn and seeing their own improvement.

The aim of this new format is to provide athletes with “meaningful competition”. The shift will be from Olympic style formats to skill-based modules in an effort for athletes to ski more, develop foundational skills, and have FUN! Plus there will be tons of prizes to give away!

Event Fee: $20 (includes lunch on Sunday)


Saturday – 8am Registration & 9am - 3pm Open Training
Sunday – 9am Skills Medley Jam

Skills Medley Course

  1. Moguls: low angled moguls (22 degrees)
  2. Gates: set up for short radius carving
  3. Mogul Jump/Mini Big Air: mogul style jump
  4. Box: Feature will include 8’-10’ flat ride-on style box
  5. Wave Tank: 6 – 8 rollers
  6. Brushes: Set up for switch skiing

Medley Course Jam - Judging 

The final day of the weekend will be spent working on the skill medley course in a jam setting. Judges will be present and athletes can declare when they wish to have their runs recorded for the competition. There will be 1 or 2 judges at each section of the medley course.  Scores will be out of 10.

Coaches can work with competitive athletes to have their competition run ready quicker i.e. 3-4 practice runs and declare you are ready. This allows the younger less experienced athletes more time to develop skills.

Groups & Coaching

Coaches will ski with their own groups on training day.

Event Day, we will aim to provide a 6:1 athlete to coach ratio. Groups will be intra-club based. This is to create a greater sense of community within the region. Group ability could be done based on age, coach’s discretion and skier ability.

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