To provide a plan for the safe operation of the Apex Freestyle Club during the 2020/21 winter season.


AFC – Apex Freestyle Club

COVID Coordinatordesignated volunteer, AFC Board Member, or AFC employee responsible for maintaining this Safety Plan and all information regarding COVID-19 safety.

Face covering – mask, tube or balaclava which covers the nose and mouth.

Members – all coaches, volunteers and athletes that are members of AFC.


AFC Board of Directors

Will ensure that all club activities are organized in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of BC Public Health, ViaSport, Freestyle BC and Apex Mountain Resort and that all steps and controls in this Safety Plan are implemented and followed by all members.



  • follow the requirements outlined in this plan and the BC ‘Return to Sport’ Safety Plan.
  • complete the ‘Fit for Participation Questionnaire’ outlined below before each training day.
  • wear appropriate face covering whenever they are unable to maintain a 2m distance from others.
  • regularly wash hands with soap or use hand sanitizer.
  • review and understand the procedures outlined below to be undertaken if a member becomes symptomatic while participating in AFC activities.
  • acknowledge the additional risks associated with attending potentially COVID-19 exposed areas.

Physical Distancing

Athlete Meeting Areas
Cohorts will be established for all programs based on guidelines from ViaSport to minimize group sizes and reduce contact between training groups.  Each cohort will be assigned a meeting location and start time. Only coaches, athletes and a COVID Coordinator will be permitted at the meeting area. All members are expected to arrive at the meeting location on time, with appropriate face covering, maintaining 2m distance and prepared for instruction.


Training Breaks

To minimize contact between groups, each cohort will be assigned a time and location for breaks (if applicable). Possible locations include: on the snow, Mogul Hut, Air Hut, or released to the care of their guardian. Breaks are unsupervised and athletes are requested to avoid “hanging out” in the village.


Warm Up

Athletes may become cold and require a break to warm up. Either of the huts can be used if members from another cohort are not already using the facility.


Loading Lifts

All members will follow the line up and lift protocols set out by Apex Mountain Resort.

A lift may only be occupied by members of the same cohort. In some circumstances, younger members may require assistance loading from a volunteer.


AFC Facilities (Air and Mogul Huts)

Signage will be placed at the entrances to each structure indicating the occupancy permitted. Members will be required to use hand sanitizer and maintain 2m distance from each other when reasonably possible. If distancing cannot be met, then face covering must be worn (except while eating).


AFC Equipment

When possible, gloves should be worn when handling all equipment (shovels, scoops, snowblowers, etc). Hands should be washed or sanitized as soon as practicable after use.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

AFC facilities will be cleaned and disinfected every programming day before and after their use.  All necessary cleaning supplies, equipment and PPE will be provided. Cleaning will be carried out by an assigned member with instructions provided on safely disinfecting the facilities.

Contact Tracing

To meet contact tracing requirements, daily attendance of all members participating in AFC activities will be kept by either the coach or COVID Coordinator. All members must ensure their contact name and phone number is up to date and shall inform the Program Director ( of any changes. All volunteers shall provide to either the Program Director or COVID Coordinator a contact name and phone number prior to participating in any activities with the club.

Fit for Participation


Free of any COVID-19 symptoms, able to interact with other members in a regular manner throughout the course of training and without risk of exposing others to COVID-19 or similar symptomatic conditions.


Member Questionnaire:

“Have you…

  • Experienced a fever, cough, difficulty breathing or cold and flu like symptoms?
  • Been in close contact with a person with COVID 19 (probable or confirmed) or who has symptoms compatible with COVID 19 (fever, cough, difficulty breathing)?
  • Travelled outside of the country in the last 14 days?
  • Been contacted by a Health Authority regarding close contact with a confirmed case of COVID 19?”

Any member that answers YES to any of these questions is NOT fit for participation, must stay home and call 811 for further direction from health authorities.


Symptomatic Member

In the event that a member becomes symptomatic during an AFC activity, they will be immediately isolated from their group, required to wear face covering, and requested to leave the training areas. Young athletes will be escorted away from the training area by a coach or volunteer who will remain with them until reunited with their guardian. The COVID Coordinator is to be notified immediately.

Any area that was occupied by a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 must be thoroughly disinfected before members can re-occupy the space.

All members will immediately advise either the Program Director or COVID Coordinator of a positive COVID test.

Upon receiving information of a confirmed or suspected COVID case, AFC will immediately advise Apex Mountain Resort and any members who may have come in contact with the affected person.

Any person who tests positive for COVID will not be permitted to return to AFC for a period of at least 14 days or until receiving a subsequent negative COVID test.